A Quote to Live By

The Dalia Lama once said, "The relationship of height to spirituality is not merely metaphorical, it is a physical reality. The most spiritual people of this planet live in the highest places. So do the most spiritual flowers . . . I call the high and light aspects of my being spirit and the dark and heavy aspect soul. Soul is at home in the deep shadowed valleys. Spirit is a land of high, white peaks and glittering jewel-like lakes and flowers . . . People need to climb the mountain not simply because it is there, but because the soulful divinity needs to be mated with the spirit." I have climbed and will continue to climb as many mountains as I can find.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Concerts, Mimes and Family

Okay, so the title is in not particular order. I went to a concert this Friday in Kansas City. It was a good experience. The road trip has to be the most fun part of the whole journey. The group consisted of myself and three friends. These are three people that I definately trust and feel so comfortable with. While we were in Kansas City, we were able to visit my sister. This was a bitter sweet visit. She's going to have a baby, which is exciting. It is just odd to she her in her own apartment and starting her own family. I remember being young with her and I remember her being so crazy. But I am glad to see that she has gotten her life together. After visiting with my sister, the group joined back up for the trip back home. It was Saturday so that means, Halloween Parties. Everyone in the group had already decided what they were going to be and I had not. I finally came up with Marcel Marceau, the famous mime. Drinking ensued and the night started out well. After too much drinking, intense fighting followed, which makes me realize how dramatic and sensative I become when I drink. So here's the big epiphany list from the weekend.

1. People judge you based on the house that you live in, how clean you keep it, what it smells like and how you act in your home when you have guests present. While this shouldn't define a person, it can definately shape someone preception of you. On the flip side of this, you, as a guest, shouldn't be too quick to judge, knowing that a persons place of living is intimate, personal and often times sacred. So live an let live, a dirty apartment is not worth burning your bridges over.

2. Our bodies are just a tool and we can use them to hurt or to make good. I keep forgetting that my outside should match my inside. Right now I am in the process of finding the inside that makes me happy. The inside that completes my being and balances my outside. What we have to remember is that we can't forget to take care of our outsides while searching for something more deep.

3. Prioritize things, but stay flexible. Life is a series of choices. We have to learn and grow as we go through life, so remember to keep in mind the lessons you should be learning. You have to pick a path to stay on for a while and see it through otherwise you might miss the big lesson at the end. I keep reminding myself to study for my tests, make time for all my friends, spend time emursed in my work, and my art.

So this was a longer post then i wanted it to be.

Peace and happy creating.